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Wednesday, January 6th, 2010


I wonder what she writes about
could it be about me
or could it be the way clouds
shapes hearts in the sky
but every time a piece inside of her
She wonders why she cries
at night
or at the fright
of opening her eyes
to something special
because the stain in her brain
is of someone who can’t seem to maintain
their spot in her life
and other viewpoints in her life seem cloudy
she begins to write in her diary
so just like her handwriting her relationships have been sloppy
she flips the page only not to copy
page flip after page flip she cant escape
so she tries to erase
only to find out there was no eraser at the end
it was a permanent error
she was writing with pen
I wish I could take that book
and make her take a look
that every man isn’t a phase
or a daze
but her eyes looks carefully
as she flips the next page in her diary

Many girls learn about life the hard way…If you could write about every struggle in life…how big would your book be? We put effort into turning the page but what’s next? Of course we are all human, but do you put effort in your struggle or even learn from it? Most girls (even guys!) do relationships over and over again just to do it..with the SAME result…Looking for something they already have…Agape Love…but we can’t find it in the normal way…we must search for It…even if it means refreshing your memory..of the page you previously wrote…

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